About Dinorific Poetry

Sometimes it starts with a simple “You know, Dad, you should write one about Therazinasaurus.” Sometimes it’s more like, “Eth, I can’t believe we haven’t dedicated a poem to Parasaurolophus.” Sometimes they come across a dino fact so mind-boggling or intriguing that they just have to memorialize it in a poem. Then every once in a while they look at each other and say “oh my gosh, this poem practically writes itself.” Exhibit A: the Gasosaurus. (Might as well get started on Volume 4…)

About the Authors…

Michael Sgrignoli is a poet, musician, forward-thinking, public-speaking, rugged individualist who strives to be the best darn daddy ever while balancing a full time job.

Ethan Sgrignoli is a fun-loving, imaginative, animal lover who (his father believes) IS the best darn son ever. This father/son literary project has provided the setting to engender greater mutual respect and has delivered an even more precious gift: more time spent together.

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