Offers Real Lessons About the Dinosaurs

“Sgrignoli includes tidbits of facts within his funny stories, so it actually offers some real lessons about the dinosaurs, even while placing them in unrealistic scenes.” 

Writing was Wonderful

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve really enjoyed reading Dinorific Poetry – I only wish my son was younger so we could read it together before bed, like we used to do in the good old days. I thought your writing was wonderful – loved the fact that you included the pronunciations, too.

Pat S. in Chambersburg, PA

A Perfect Gift

My mom and dad got a couple of books from you. One was for my 9 year old god son, “C.” I held on to it as a birthday gift for him but I wanted to share with you that a much more appropriate (not typical) gifting moment arose in May.

“C” is the adopted son of my very good friends who both lost their own fathers within 2 weeks of each other in late April. Needless to say, it was a hard loss for everyone, but very much so for the first loss for an adopted young boy. Your book supplied a perfect gift. To be able to give “C” something that was created by a father (that I know) and son to read with his father to remember his grandfather was, well, – need I say more?

Thank you so much to you and to Ethan. I, too, have read the dino-poems and really like the pictures.

Kelly F. in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Marvelous Book

What a wonderful surprise when I received your marvelous book. I learned a great deal and continue to learn. I just finished reading it for the third time. Look forward to the sequel or the next book.

Susan M. in Elizabethtown, PA

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