Dinorific Programs…

Where to begin?  Well, first just let me say that I’m not sure who has more fun during my visits, the audience or me.  I go out of my way to make the experience as memorable as possible, because to this day I can still recall some school visitors that made an impression on me as a child.

I’ve developed quite a variety of presentations and programs that allow me to entertain and inspire children, teens, adults…even seniors.  So feel free to reach out in order to discuss how I can customize a dinorific program for you.  Here’s my current menu of offerings.

Dinorific Birthday Parties & Celebrations

When someone’s caught dino fever, let me provide the perfect prescription! From dino tales n’ tunes, to art projects, game shows and balloons; I’ll cover every aspect of your party at a location you choose. Also ask about my special programs available at Hoss’s Steak and Sea House, Mechanicsburg that can accommodate up to 32 guests. Recommended for anyone who has a birthday.

Dinorific Scientific Big Dig Show

With the aid of a PowerPoint presentation, I’ll recite my stories, pull oversized dino models from a trunk and make sure the child in the back row has the same experience as the child in the front row. Depending upon the program, dino dig props, a dino puppet and ancient shark teeth will make an appearance too. I encourage questions at specific times and invite children to stand up and get involved. The program is customized for each age group to assure it’s age-appropriate. Perfect for auditoriums, libraries, gymnasiums, etc.


It’s me, a tub of dinosaur models and a wireless mic. I’ll recite my dinorific poetry, discuss the ancient beasts, show the audience what we think they looked like and keep the children engaged with an interactive program that engages them and encourages active participation. When space is limited, this fits the bill.

Mr. Mike and the Rock Matrix

For those that prefer their dino facts with a little melody, two of my musician friends join me in performing original dino songs for all occasions. In addition to the singing and story-telling, I handle all the percussion duties. As seasoned musicians, we’re especially conscious of maintaining appropriate volume levels and can easily conform to any size and space considerations. An excellent choice for festivals, elementary schools, community events, open houses and family functions.

Mr. Mike's Dinorific Scientific Name Game Show

I’ve always wanted to host a game show, so I went and created my own. Here’s the challenge: can you tell the difference between an actual ancient animal name and one that I made up? Contestants compete for cool dino prizes while the audience weighs in with their opinions. Featuring original theme music, game show props, sound effects, commercial breaks and more. As the theme song says, it’s “so easy to play…yet so hard to win.” For children ages 5 and older to adults. Appropriate for family events, schools, libraries, childcare centers…even corporate team-building activities and retirement communities!

Dinorific Art Project

Science is a beautiful thing! I assist children in creating their own take-home dino models. It’s a fun-filled program, supported with a PowerPoint graphic presentation that will teach them step-by-step how to go from a ball of soft clay to a 5” high Brachiosaurus or 6” long Elasmosaurus. A great choice for schools, childcare centers and libraries.

Dinos in Residence

Some dinorific discussions just take a bit more time. When you want to get more in-depth with the subject of dinos as well as the writing process itself, consider inviting me for a multi-day program as an “Artist in Residence.” We’ll have deeper discussions on dino history, conduct a greater analysis of all things paleontological and can complete a group project while exploring the basic tools needed to write most effectively. These programs are fully customizable and can be adapted to match your curriculum – including STEM activities. Appropriate for elementary and middle schools.

Dinorific Skype Visit

I’m located in Central Pennsylvania, but I do get around. So if you’re simply not within travelling distance for a Mr. Mike program, that’s no problem. I’ve made virtual appearances in Manchester, England…Bendigo, Australia and Guatemala City, Guatemala using my laptop and webcam. So contact me to discuss an affordable alternative to a Mr. Mike in-person appearance. Works well for elementary classrooms, scouting troops, overseas dino-lovers, etc.

Prehistoric Pizza Parties/Pancake Breakfasts

This was originally created to assist childcare centers in engaging the parents under more relaxed circumstances. Everyone’s always in a rush; there’s never time to slow down and just…chat. So I’ll entertain the kids, while you have a slice of pizza or a stack of pancakes with your group of parents. And if you’re more into chicken or hot dogs, go for it. Appropriate for childcare centers, religious organizations, retirement homes, etc.
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