Where to begin? Well, first just let me say that I’m not sure who has more fun during my visits, the audience or me. I go out of my way to make the experience as memorable as possible, because to this day I can still recall some school visitors that made an impression on me as a child.
I’ve developed quite a variety of presentations and programs that allow me to entertain and inspire children, teens, adults…even seniors. So feel free to reach out in order to discuss how I can customize a dinorific program for you. Here’s my current menu of offerings.

Dinorific Scientific Big Dig Show
Dino Chat
Mr. Mike and the Rock Matrix
Mr. Mike's Dinorific Scientific Name Game Show
Dinorific Art Project
Dinos in Residence
Dinorific Birthday Paries & Celebrations
Dinorific Skype Visit
Prehistoric Pizza Parties/Pancake Breakfasts
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