Where to begin?  Well, first just let me say that I’m not sure who has more fun during my visits, the audience or me.  I go out of my way to make the experience as memorable as possible, because to this day I can still recall some school visitors that made an impression on me as a child.

I’ve developed quite a variety of presentations and programs that allow me to entertain and inspire children, teens, adults…even seniors.  So feel free to reach out in order to discuss how I can customize a dinorific program for you.  Here’s my current menu of offerings.

Dinorific Programs

Dinorific Programs

Dinorific Programs

Dinorific Programs

Dinorific Birthday Paries & Celebrations

Give ‘em what they want…what they really, really want:  a dinosaur-themed birthday with Mr. Mike!….

Dinorific Scientific Big Dig Show

The original framework of the presentation I created when this whole crazy dinosaur thing began.  Obviously, it’s a work in progress as I’m continually updating the content as new scientific information comes to light…..


A less formal program…but still packed with loads of dino facts.  Fits into smaller venues quite nicely…..

Mr. Mike and the Rock Matrix

As a musician myself, it was a natural next step to add music to my dinorific programs.  So I enlisted the help of two great players in order to provide the best possible entertainment experience for the audience….

Mr. Mikes Dinorific Scientific Name Game Show

A fast-paced, interactive game show that’s fun for all ages….

Dinorific Art Project

All hands on dinosaurs!  Kids create their own clay dinos with my help.  Let ‘em dry, paint ‘em…and display ‘em!  Click here to start the fun….

Dinos in Residence

A multi-day program is available allowing us to really “dig in” to dino discoveries as well as the process I follow when writing about them…..

Dinorific Skype Visit

I’m as close as your computer screen. A hi-def webcam allows me to spend quality time with your group…without actually being there. Experience all the bells and whistles of an appearance, without having to buy me lunch!….

Prehistoric Pizza Parties/Pancake Breakfast

How do you spice up an Open House or Family Event and keep the kids AND adults happy? Add a dash of dinorific fun, of course!….

Birthday Party

Got the idea? I can somehow manage to fit dinosaurs into a whole lot of situations. Contact me to discuss what you’ve got planned.

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