Dinorific Programs

With the aid of a PowerPoint presentation, I’ll recite my stories, pull oversized dino models from a trunk and make sure the child in the back row has the same experience as the child in the front row. Depending upon the program, dino dig props, a dino puppet and ancient shark teeth will make an appearance too. I encourage questions at specific times and invite children to stand up and get involved. The program is customized for each age group to assure it’s age-appropriate.

Perfect for auditoriums, libraries, gymnasiums, etc.

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Dinorific Scientific Big Dig Show

Dinorfic Appearance Promotional Material Daflure Poster (Master)

Dinorific Appearance Poster (Master)

Dinorfic Promotional Material Dinosaur Brochure September 2015

Dinorific Promotional Material Dinosaur Brochure

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