Dinorific Programs

Some dinorific discussions just take a bit more time. When you want to get more in-depth with the subject of dinos as well as the writing process itself, consider inviting me for a multi-day program as an “Artist in Residence.” We’ll have deeper discussions on dino history, conduct a greater analysis of all things paleontological and can complete a group project while exploring the basic tools needed to write most effectively. These programs are fully customizable and can be adapted to match your curriculum – including STEM activities.

Appropriate for elementary and middle schools.

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Dinos in Residence

Dinorfic Appearance Promotional Material Daflure Poster (Master)

Dinorific Appearance Poster (Master)

Dinorfic Promotional Material Dinosaur Brochure September 2015

Dinorific Promotional Material Dinosaur Brochure

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