Read a couple of dinosaur poems from Dinorific Poetry.


“Sleep Tight, Triceratops” from Dinorific Poetry Volume 1

Here’s one to try for tonight’s bedtime story. And dig the nifty pronunciations we’ve included!

  • Sleep tight my young TRICERATOPS.
  • You had a big, big day.
  • Tomorrow there’ll be more to do
  • and many games to play.
  • Tomorrow is approaching fast —
  • the school bus won’t be late.
  • You’ll learn new things throughout the day
  • and at the stop I’ll wait.
  • I’ll meet you close to 4 o’clock
  • and we’ll jump in the car.
  • And off to Hummelstown we’ll go —
  • it’s really not so far.
  • I know a store that’s filled with things
  • you love to hunt and find.
  • One hundred dinosaurs to view
  • brought there by Mr. Stine.
  • So many dinosaurs are there,
  • it’s awfully hard to choose.
  • And then there are the many
  • different mammals to peruse.
  • Tomorrow after school we’ll go
  • and at those toys we’ll stare.
  • No matter what you’re looking for
  • it’s at Toys On The Square.
  • So it’s all set, Triceratops.
  • Let sleepy eyes now close.
  • I’ll tuck you in and keep you warm —
  • your shoulders, hands and toes.
  • Now rest my young Triceratops;
  • like PTEROSAURS you’ll fly.
  • And in your dreams you’ll soar to heights
  • to touch the blue, blue sky.
  • Triceratops (tri-SARE-uh-tops)
  • Pterosaurs (TARE-uh-sores)
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“The Kronosaurus” from Dinorific Poetry Volume 2

Please do not swim for at least 30 minutes after reading this poem.

  • The KRONOSAURUS cruised the ocean’s depths in search of food.
  • He didn’t have the very best of manners – he was rude.
  • He never wore a bib or used utensils when he ate.
  • He chomped up things and worse, he liked to nibble on the plate.
  • He never thought to ask if he could hang around to dine.
  • Most beasts that he encountered, sadly, didn’t see the sign.
  • He didn’t ever ask if he could stop by for a bite.
  • He’d simply show up unannounced – this guy was not polite.
  • You see, the Kronosaurus head was almost ten feet long.
  • Don’t argue with this guy and just accept that you are wrong.
  • His total length, we know, was thirty feet from tail to snout.
  • Which means his head alone made up one third his length, no doubt.
  • This mouth of his was just the kind of weapon to display
  • that any other swimming beast would stay out of his way.
  • Unfortunate, it was, if he arrived while you were home.
  • You should have disappeared somewhere in deep blue sea and foam.
  • Now if the Kronosaurus tries to visit for a snack –
  • prepare yourself, make some excuse and say you’ll be right back.
  • Then swim real fast and head to some remote location, quick!
  • Then call him up, apologize and say you’d gotten sick.
  • He’ll ask, of course, if maybe he could visit you next week.
  • Stay strong, I say, for this is not the time to act so meek.
  • The only thing to say to keep you safe you’ll soon discover:
  • “That’s fine, Krono, but I’ll be gone. So, please, call on my brother.”
  • Kronosaurus (crow-no-SAUR-us)
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