Hi. I’m Mr. Mike…

Over the years, I’ve “evolved” into many things – an author, a public speaker, a drummer, a game show host, an interviewer, a singer…and a dad.  And if it weren’t for that last one, you wouldn’t be visiting this website…because it wouldn’t exist.

You see, I’d done a lot of writing in my life, from radio commercials to song lyrics.  But my writing career took a really interesting turn when my son, Ethan, was 6 years old and began eyeing up the dinosaur models that I had on display in my man cave.  So one evening I decided I’d write a story all about him venturing out into our back yard and discovering a dino bone.  It turned out well enough, I thought, that I continued to write more dino poetry and I asked him to be my illustrator.  Now understand, I already knew a few things about those bizarre extinct beasts, but once I sat down and started to write what I called “fact-packed dino-rhymes,” I realized pretty quickly that I needed to learn a whole lot more.  So I did.  (And this is probably another reason you’re visiting this website.)  So…just like most 5-year old children, I became infatuated with dinosaurs – for the second time in my life.

I started purchasing more dino models, dino books and dino videos, dino games and pretty much anything related to dinosaurs.  I took Ethan to museums, IMAX films, travelling dino exhibits, even a fossil hunt in Thermopolis, Wyoming…anywhere that we could get a close-up view of these ancient animals.  And I continued to write stories about them.  Now it occurred to me quite early on that T-rex and Stegosaurus already had plenty of fame and certainly didn’t need any assistance from me, so when I self-published our first book (Dinorific Poetry: Stories of Ancient Animals Created by a Father and Son), I wanted to introduce kids to dinosaurs and other extinct creatures that deserved some of the limelight, but rarely ever got any.

And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since…

Dino-rhyming with Mr. Mike.  The inside story.  Video by Uproot Creative Services.

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