Dinorific Festival Program

For those that prefer their dino facts with a little melody, two of my musician friends join me in performing original dino songs for all occasions. In addition to the singing and story-telling, I handle all the percussion duties. As seasoned musicians, we’re especially conscious of maintaining appropriate volume levels and can easily conform to any size and space considerations.

An excellent choice for festivals, elementary schools, community events, open houses and family functions.

Contact. Mr. Mike

Mr. Mike and the Rock Matrix

Dinorfic Promotional Material Rock Matrix Poster

Dinorific Rock Matrix Poster

Dinorfic Appearance Promotional Material Daflure Poster (Master)

Dinorific Appearance Poster (Master)

Dinorfic Promotional Material Dinosaur Brochure September 2015

Dinorific Promotional Material Dinosaur Brochure

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