Mr. Mike comes full circle

Mr. Mike Comes Full Circle

The first time I ever played drums with a “rock group” was for a high school talent show. But unlike those buddies of mine, I continued to play in bands throughout my entire life…with very few gaps. But when my son started growing up, I knew it was finally time to pack away the drum sticks and give it up. Honestly, it really wasn’t a tough choice: smoky bars and late night hours or watching your son grow up and experiencing all those “moments.”

A couple years passed, and the dinosaur thing happened. And I soon discovered that our books provided a way for father and son to bond during (bonus!) daylight hours and in much more family-friendly venues.

The whole music thing lay dormant for some time. I would get an occasional call to fill in here and there, but I wasn’t itching for it and didn’t feel my life had any achingly empty holes that playing music could fill. But as you know, the only constant is change. So in late February I, once again, found myself packing up my drums and heading out to entertain at a local establishment. Ethan is now driving age (!) and I’ve promised him and myself, that music will not interfere with fatherhood.

Now here’s where the circle completes…

Fast forward to this month as two of my musical friends join me (as Mr. Mike and the Rock Matrix) in presenting my first dinosaur music show. Besides pulling together my love of dino story-telling, my musical friendships, my love of singing and performing…I’m hoping it provides a setting where other families can bond.

I never take for granted how dinosaurs continue to afford me opportunities to do what I love doing and to (hopefully) make my audiences smile.

What’s next? Well, there’s always something evolving. So don’t stray too far from the herd.

RAAWWR at ya again soon…

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