Looking for a dino-centric place to explore?  Here’s some cool places we’ve visited.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History – Atlanta, GA.
Argentinosaurus and Giganotosaurus in the same room? It’s well worth the trip. And the Hadrosaurs in front are extra cool.

The State Museum of Pennsylvania – Harrisburg, PA.
Senior Curator, Dr. Robert M. Sullivan is a world-reknowned paleontologist who happens to know a lot about the Pachycephalosaur (the star of Volume 1). Don’t miss the skull of Dunkleosteus (Volume 2) when you visit!

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History – Pittsburgh, PA.
Wow. See Diplodocus in all its glory.

Maryland Science Center – Baltimore, MD
Beautiful displays. Beautiful setting. It’s, uh, beautiful.

Wyoming Dinosaur Museum – Thermopolis, WY
The only home of an actual Archaeopteryx (Volume 2) fossil discovery outside of Germany? Thermopolis, WY. Hence the name “the Thermopolis specimen.”

North Museum of Natural History and Science – Lancaster, PA
Nice dinosaur display here…then go downstairs to see their descendants, the totally cool bird collection

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