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Mike and Ethan Skrignoli (Sgrignoli) BE CAREFUL…YOU MIGHT JUST LEARN SOMETHING

So we don’t call it a “Brontosaurus” anymore, huh? Who knew? Well, Michael and Ethan Sgrignoli did.

You’re telling me the greatest fossil hunter of all time was named Mary?? Really? Yep, really.

And there’s a carnivorous dinosaur that was even bigger than T-rex? There sure is.

This is precisely why Dinorific Poetry was created. There are so many fascinating stories, loads of interesting facts...and little known tidbits about dinosaurs and other ancient creatures that Michael and Ethan felt they just HAD to be told. In a rhyme of course!

Read along with the father and son team and discover a host of cool (and, yes, extinct) beasts. Find out how they got their names, who dug ‘em up, what they ate for lunch…and just how the heck do you pronounce their name anyway? Take a glimpse at dinos through the eyes of a child: Ethan’s delightful, no-colors-barred, watercolor illustrations. It’s a journey you’ll want to experience over and over again.

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Dinorific Poetry Volume 3 Book Cover Image
"Dinorific Poetry" Volume 3 book cover. • Buy Volumes 1, 2, and 3 at | | Sunbury Press


Can one really ever have enough dinosaur poems? We don’t think so. So here’s another batch of clever, fact-packed, dino rhymes destined to earn a coveted spot on your dino-lover’s nightstand.

Includes: Megalosaurus, New Jersey Dinosaurs, Glance at a Globe (The Alfred Wegener story), Mr. Macrauchenia, Dinos Play Baseball, Mary Anning and more.

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Dinorific Poetry Volume 2 Book Cover Image
"Dinorific Poetry" Volume 2 book cover. • Buy Volumes 1, 2, and 3 at | | Sunbury Press

They're at it again!

The father and son team that brought you face to snout with some not-so-familiar ancient beasts have unleashed another collection of fun, fact-filled rhyming stories. This new collection (a baker's dozen plus one) starts where Dinorific Poetry Volume 1 left off and shines an illuminating beam on some fascinating creatures that Michael and Ethan believe deserve your admiration. Oh, and that pink and yellow guy to the left? That's Ethan's representation of an animal called “minmi” that was found in Australia. He also happens to grace the cover of Volume 2. We can't wait to tell you more...but be careful, you might just learn something.

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Dinorific Poetry Book Cover Image
"Dinorific Poetry" Volume 1 book cover. • Buy Volumes 1, 2, and 3 at | | Sunbury Press
Dinorific Poetry (the book that started this whole crazy dino thing)

The book begins with “Backyard Dig” – the very first poem Michael wrote for Ethan one evening after E had drifted off to sleep. It's the story of Ethan making an interesting discovery in their own backyard. Wanna find out what it was?

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“...the poetry is funny, the words cleverly chosen, and the content quite educational. Along with Ethan’s adorable pictures, the book makes for a fun read with your kids.”
– Gregory Keer;

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Michael now hosts a monthly program called Children’s Book Blast! at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg. He interviews children’s authors and illustrators while encouraging adults to read to children. The program is taped in front of a live audience and airs on PCN-TV statewide. Check your local listings for programming schedule. For a list of upcoming guests, click here.

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