Mike Sgrignoli; father, author, game show host. Mr. Mike has turned his love of dinosaurs into an entrepreneurial venture by writing children’s books, and used the venture to become closer to his son Ethan. Since age 6, Ethan has illustrated the dinosaurs in Mr. Mike’s books, inspiring other children with his work and relating to the audience on a new level.  Video by Uproot Creative Services.

Say hello to Jeremy, the spokesperson for a collection of poems dedicated to furthering the knowlege and appreciation of dinosaurs and other assorted ancient creatures. Here, Jeremy recites the story of his “giant friend” the Diplodocus.

An admittedly less famous (rather new) species that certainly deserves our attention and admiration. Pronounced “NEE-jur-SORE-us,” this plucky beast has been described as an ancient cow since it spent most of its days grazing and presumably passing gas.

So the secret’s out. We don’t call it a Brontosaurus anymore. There’s a greater chance that more kids than adults will know why. This poem tells the whole story.

Picture everyone’s favorite shark nightmare, the infamous Great White. As said in the movie “Jaws” he was “…the perfect eating machine.” Now imagine a predator so ferocious, that it would dine on Great White’s for breakfast. About 3 times larger…with an unimaginable bite force and jaws so huge, it wouldn’t have even bothered to chew us up.

So exactly why did those crazy dinosaurs go and get all extinct? Here are a couple theories on the subject brought to you by everyone’s favorite rotating planetoid, the moon.

Say hello to Carrie Wissler-Thomas, the effervescent President/Executive Director of The Art Association of Harrisburg (PA).  Her respect for creative, educational prose as well as her love of inspired children’s artwork made her a natural choice to read “The Megatherium” and to be part of the Dinorific Reading Project. And in fact, this is not her first experience with dinosaurs.

As President of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania-based Members 1st Federal Credit Union, Bob Marquette knows that reading is a valuable investment that can pay important dividends throughout your life.

Floyd Stokes values the efforts of children’s bookwriters and illustrators and was happy to participate in the Dinorific Reading Project. In this video, he reads the story of a young boy and his sister as they encounter some strange beasts playing cards in their dining room.

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