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Children's Author, Game Show Host, Musician, Emcee, Art Instructor...etc.

Thank goodness for websites, ya know?  This would never fit on a business card.

Meet Mr. Mike

Mr. Mike:  It's an extraordinary thing to be able to do something you’re truly passionate about…something that connects with children, asks them to come along for the ride (and actually teaches them something in the process).  

And who knew that when my son began to express an interest in my dinosaur models that it would point my life in a totally new direction.  Certainly not me!  But then again I've always embraced new adventures. 

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It All Started With A Poem

One evening I decided to try my hand at writing a poem for my son, Ethan.  He was 6 at the time and we were both deeply enthralled with the subject of dinosaurs.  

So naturally I incorporated that subject into my literary effort.  Here's the first stanza:  

         "My little boy was pretty sure 

           that he would find a dinosaur.  

           He felt it wouldn't be too hard - 

           he started searching our backyard."

I completed the story, asked him to draw some accompanying pictures and we were off!  

To date, we've collaborated on three volumes of what I call "fact-packed dino-rhymes."

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