Experiential Learning for All Ages

Jerry the Book-Loving Gator


Keeping the Younger Ones Interested

Sometimes that's not necessarily the easiest task.  But with a pal like Jerry helping out, younger children will stay engaged.  

He's a darn good reader and can handle most any prose, but he's particularly fond of stories about extinct beasts - probably the reason he and Mr. Mike get along so well.


Making Reading FUN!

He's adept at reciting Mr. Mike's poems.  He makes sure to recognize the author and illustrator of each book - and explaining to the children what that means.  He pauses after every page giving every child time to enjoy the illustations.

Like Mr. Mike, Jerry ends each program with High-Fives and Fist Bumps.


The Oviraptor Sock Puppet

This is one of Jerry's friends, the Oviraptor.  She acts out a Mr. Mike story explaining how she was mistakenly named "egg thief" while teaching a valuable lesson on why you shouldn't pre-judge people...or dinosaurs.