Experiential Learning for All Ages

Dinorific Scientific Name Game

The Game Show that TRULY the whole family can enjoy!


The Dinorific Scientific Name Game was created by Mr. Mike to introduce the breadth and sheer volume of dinosaur species that are in need of some love!

So easy to play...yet so hard to win!


Contestants answer YES or NO to questions like, "Is Kleptomancodon a real ancient animal or is it made up?"  It's easy to answer, just hard to be absolutely sure.  

(Mr. Mike made that one up.)

You can play it anywhere!


Anywhere there are folks that like to have fun, the Dinorific Scientific Name Game is the perfect program.  

From movie theater lobbies and street fairs...to libraries and museums....even retirement communities, Mr. Mike will keep your audience involved.   

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DSNG Live!

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