Experiential Learning for All Ages

The Dino Chat


Kids Can't Wait to Participate

Many of the children Mr. Mike encounters have an abundance of dino knowledge that they can't wait to share.  The informal nature of his Dino Chats allows kids to demonstrate their abilities, exchange dino facts with their classmates and helps build their confidence.  


Story-Telling with Dinosaurs

Mr. Mike enjoys sharing interesting facts about dinosaurs including how they got their name, where their bones were found, who named them and the sometimes unimaginable circumstances that led to their discovery.  He figures if it fascinates him, the children will probably get a kick out of it too.  

The challenge, then, is to deliver a story that is both entertaining and informative.  


Dino Models Up-Close

Children respond to visuals and stories loaded with imagery.  A big part of The Dino Chat is introducing them to some lesser-known species by displaying dinosaur models and reciting my fact-packed dino-rhymes.  

He uses a wireless headset so he can roam around and offer the same experience to all the children, even the ones in the back row.

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