Experiential Learning for All Ages

Dinorific Duo


Mr. Mike and Dr. Bob

Dinosaurs is a fascinating topic.   Music is a terrific pastime.  Combine the two and you have a perfect way to entertain all ages.  

Pssssst.  They might even learn a thing or two!


Jurassic Guitar and Prehistoric Percussion

Children enjoy snappy tunes and clap-clap-clap participation songs.  Mr. Mike and Dr. Bob encourage interaction and laughter.  


School or a mall...we can do 'em all!

Special events and carnivals...schools and museums...childcare centers and toy stores...street fairs and prehistoric pizza parties.  We're ready...

Hire the Duo

Dinorific Duo LIVE!

How do you take a classic children's song and add a dino twist?  Make sure that what you're puttin' in is dino-sized:  your left claw, right claw, head crest, duck bill, long tail and BIG BELLY!  Now based on all the body parts mentioned in the song, can you guess which dinosaur I'm talkin' about?