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Getting the MOST from your Mr. Mike school visit

School visits are, quite simply, one of the most personally-exhilarating things I do. From school-wide assemblies to classroom visits, I strive to connect with as many children as possible. 

Here are some tips on what to expect and suggestions to help things go smoothly!



Once a date has been determined, I will forward the school a set of my books to use as you see fit. 

Schools have found it beneficial to have the teachers pre-read some of my stories to the kids so they’re better prepared to ask questions during my visit.  Teachers may peruse the material and contact me prior to my visit requesting that I cover a particular topic of interest. 

If possible, play some of my Dinorific Videos that I’ve created and uploaded to my YouTube page.  If time allows, have the children decorate the appearance area with their own dinosaur art.  From dino murals and photo collages to clay models and a “create your own ‘saurus’ project,” it’s a fantastic way to build anticipation leading up to my appearance.

Dino Videos


I’ll provide 11 x 17” customized posters (like the one you see on the left)  you can use to promote the visit. I suggest having me sign the posters while I’m there and then drawing children’s names to give away that day. 

I can also provide the files for printer-friendly flyers that can be posted or sent home with the children.  


In addition to my books and cd’s, I offer a variety of dinosaur merchandise that I’ve personally chosen to ensure exceptional quality and value.  I will forward the forms (or email you the files) for you to send home with the children two weeks before my visit.  Together, we’ll determine a deadline for returning the forms. Please place the returned order forms with payments in a large envelope to my attention.  Orders will be filled on the day of my visit or within a 3 week period.

Upon request, I can provide a discounted order form for faculty members.  


If possible, I like to have an open row through the middle of the audience so I can walk from the front to the back, giving every child an equal opportunity to see all of my dino props. In auditoriums, I’ll use both rows to move about. I prefer to use a wireless headset microphone in order to keep my hands free. I will provide my own if none is available.

For most presentations, I require a screen, projector and laptop (with PowerPoint loaded on to it).  My programs typically have some music or sound effects associated with them, so amplified audio is a necessity. I can provide every element mentioned here, if none are available.

Here are some special requirements for particular programs.

DINORIFIC SCIENTIFIC NAME GAME Please have three or four chairs in the front of the audience – ready for the contestants. Remember, students AND/OR teachers can participate! If a podium is available, I will use that as my home base. I will also ask for a volunteer (student or member of the faculty) to keep score and act as my “co-host” so be sure to leave some space for the score board.

DINORIFIC DUO We’ll need an area large enough to accommodate two musicians (guitar/bass guitar and a small set of drums). We will provide the sound system – lighting needs can be discussed. Standard electric supply is sufficient and we bring along extension cords.

DINORIFIC ART PROJECT - Please provide tables and paper plates (and a pencil for each child so they can write their name on the plate) and some space to allow the clay to dry (at least overnight).  I can provide the clay at a minimal cost or you can choose to purchase it.  Crayola Model Magic in white is my product of choice.



I am available to do Meet ‘n Greets with smaller groups of children or individual classrooms (or school staff). I can meet with them over lunch or visit with special interest groups such as Science Clubs, Art Clubs or Writer’s Groups.  Use me while I'm there! 


Payment in full is to be made on the day of my appearance.  No deposit to hold the date is required.  In addition to a check or money order, I accept all major credit cards (VISA, MC and AMEX) with a 3% fee to cover processing charges.  


I’ve been told that the “dino-talk” can linger for some time after one of my visits. Why not take advantage of it and keep the children dino-curious by emailing me additional questions? My responses can then be shared with the students.  

Now if the students REALLY enjoyed themselves and the school staff appreciated the educational value, I would sincerely appreciate a letter of reference. Helps me to keep doin’ what I’m doin’…  

If you have some thoughts on who else might enjoy a Mr. Mike visit, send me a name...

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